Dating French guys

“French guys don't necessarily want to just go get a drink or see a movie. I've been on first dates in France that I couldn't drag even long-term boyfriends to in the U.S.: museums, theater, music that doesn't involve earplugs,” shares Tamara, a commercial real estate consultant living in Paris. Here are the top differences I noticed about dating French guys as compared to dating North American ones. Of course, these are based on my own personal experiences and is not true for 100% of French men! 1. French men don’t date. In general, “dating” does not really exist in France. Advice for dating a French guy. Normally, guys from France are blessed with typical European manners. Open to discussion about current issues, they are equally romantic when it’s time to please their women. And it’s these precious moments that bring them so much pleasure, especially the slow, gentle kiss that they bestow on their lady. Often stereotyped in what the French man is supposed to be like, there are a number of myths I’d like to examine under Le miscrosope de l’Amour. Myth number 1: All French men are hot. True, but only when they’re driving (hot-headed) - statistics for traffic accidents in France are off the scales, staggering. But let’s get back on track ... Every relationship is different, though, so please don’t take my little guide below as the end all and be all of French dating. To me, it seems that French guys are more direct without all the mind games. Dating isn’t really a game at all and is straightforward and uncomplicated. Dating a French man! ... Some guys are insisting, adorably or heavily, but they are not all so persistent (fortunately, this behavior makes me uneasy, except if the guy is exceptionally funny and charismatic. But I usually don’t say “no” to these ones in the first place XD ). And no, if a guy doesn’t call me in a day, it’s not the end ... When dating the French, however, it is completely normal for the woman to tell the man when she wants to see him again. By all means, get in there and book him in for another date. It is natural (in France), for a woman to be completely honest and tell the man she wants to see him again. #3. How not to declare your feelings to a French man.

Am I being catfished?

2020.10.23 02:51 Street-Struggle-3164 Am I being catfished?

Ok cupid is where I swiped right on this particular profile that had one photo of a reasonable attractive 30 something female in fairly business like attire, not a posey or sexy photo. An attractive enough woman but fairly dull profile. We start chatting and she doesnt seem like other online daters Ive chatted with. She is quick to open up about her emotional life and what she is looking for in a rather deep and candid way, says things like “I’m looking for a man who bla bla bla...” Why don’t we just jump in and see what happens” I took this a hypothetical type staement an dnot like she literally wants to start something with me. That would be wierd, we have only chatted a little bit. Anyway the conversation continues in this way. Like, she tells me what she wants in a man and a relationship. And asks me questions like, if I like to cook, what I want in a relationship. I open up a bit but am also a bit uncertain if she is genuine because her conversation style is so unusual that it almost seems unnatural. Pretty soon into out chats she ask for my number and we continue via text. Apparently she lives in Seattle but is in Europe for a few weeks for business, ( buying antiques) there area few other red flags like occasional poor grammar or misuse of a word like you would expect from someone who doesn’t speak good English. BTW she is French and has been in the USA for 16 years. I didnt talk with her for over a week then decided to text her. She asks me if I have google hangouts, as the international texting is costing her a lot, also why she hasn’t texted much recently. We chat, she blathers out more touchy feely stuff about honesty and truth being important to her ina relationship. Asks me if I am happy single or in a relationship. Goes on to talk about how great it is to have someone to touch and hold, laugh and listen, ect ect even drops a line about awsome make up sex after an argument. She says she is back in Seattle next weekend, but when pressed for a dinner date explains that she hasn’t got a ticket yet because she is waiting for her goods to ship out before she buys a ticket. Ok, so I am pretty suspicious, but cant think of a motive or why someone would pretend to be all this and carry on over weeks on this slow boil, so to speak. So, I realize we should just video chat. Tell her that she is very mysterious to me. Nothing about video chat. She tries to video chat me 5 minutes later I cant take the call Did today, I was on a break from work and couldn’t talk for long but she cut t off super fast aferlike a few brief exchanges of pleasantries. Then texts me “are you satisfied”
WTF guys, am I being catfished. What is going on here.
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2020.10.22 17:52 HagerEKU [US-KY] [H] Hundreds of pops to choose from [W] Paypal

I have a little of everything for sale here. Take your pick and shoot me any questions. Shipping is $5 for one pop and an additional $2 for each pop after. More pics can be provided. Soft protectors can be added for $1

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2020.10.22 02:51 builder336 WW1 with a bit of Winged Fusiliers

prompt used:
You are Private Epton, a rifleman in the British Army. The date is September 8th, 1914 and the combined Entente forces of Britain and France have Entrenched themselves along the Marne River. The German Army has been making rapid advances on the Western Front after defeating the French in multiple short battles in the Battle of the Frontiers and beating the British back since the Battle of Mons. The entrenched British and French forces have caused the Battle of the Marne to turn into a stalemate
The German Armies along the Marne have now also started to entrench themselves, adding the stalemate and with these new entrenched positions the Schlieffen plan has failed and the Race to the Sea has begun.
You are a member of the Entente forces, along with the French the British have been on a retreat across France and Belgium however you have built a vast Trench Network along the Marne to stop the German advance to Paris.
You and your Battalion are currently positioned in your trenches, the trenches are rather crude, featuring little to no reinforcing plans or duckboards. The Germans attack the trenches every half and hour or so.
Your Rile is your best friend, you've been issued a Short Magazine Lee Enfield or as it is better known as, the SMLE. It is equipped with iron sights and is capable of firing up to 10 rounds without having to be reloaded.
The war has only been going a few months and you are already entrenched in the trench system. The average life expectancy of a British soldier in France is only five months.
You have been fighting for nearly three months without any relief, food is scarce and rest is even rarer.
Not only is life in the trenches horrible, but being a birdman makes your time here even worse. Prejudice in the army has been the norm for decades, and with the stress of this war on everyone's minds, it makes that fact even more hellish.
You are not treated equally just because you can book it out of a trench faster then any other man, simply because you have wings.
Sitting on one of the trench steps that run along the front-most trenches, you and another birdman named Miranda sit slumped against one-another, trying your best to get some sleep after having spent all night on watch. However, the approach of some of your fellow human soldiers makes your bout of sleep short-lived.
"Wake up, you fucking pigeons!" one of the soldiers barks, smacking you roughly on the head. "We've got a big push coming up."
"Oh, bloody brilliant," you hear Miranda grumble, standing and rubbing her eyes as you sit up and yawn. An hour or two of sleep is never enough for anyone; let alone a birdman.
The men of the platoon slowly start to filter in, all of them looking tired. You think you can make out the sounds of artillery in the distance, though weather they are your own, or the enemy's you aren't sure.
The men take their places in the trench, sitting on the ground and standing around it, all of them looking equally tired. You stand next to your fellow soldier, looking down the trench.
The trench is about 10 feet deep and 6 feet wide, with an earth wall on both sides supported by wooden beams and columns. Along the lip of the trench, amidst mud and rain-sodden earth lies rows of tangled barbed wire.
Beyond the barbed wire and the no man's land that exists between the trenches are the enemy battle lines, peppered by bunkers, barbed wire, artillery and machine guns, all able to spit death upon both your lines and, if they so desired, the hulking ironclads that loom overhead with their guns aimed at the enemy. out.
The only way to hurt them is to push forward, and for that to happen you would have to leave the safety of the trenches and make it out into the waiting jaws of death that lie beyond. However, you'd much prefer to stay here, curled up in a dugout like a scared mouse.
"Bilge water," one of your fellow soldiers remarks, spitting out what remains of his cigarette into the muddy trench. "It's been like this for months, the damn top brass are sending us out here with worse and worse conditions to endure, even the fucking birdmen are getting pile into these trenches like sardines." he says, pointing a thumb over his shoulder at you and Miranda.
"They sent in those bloody bundles of feathers a few months ago," pipes up another soldier, "and now we're all getting packed in like cattle. If this keeps up, the birds will start flying away with the Germans." The sarcasm in the soldier's voice is almost palpable, and several others chuckle at the darkly colored joke.
You, however, stay silent; you've heard that same joke before, and everyone in this chunk of the line has more than once. Being a birdman yourself, you didn't think it was funny then, and you don't think it's funny now. But if you say anything you'll just get smacked upside the head like some bratty kid who complains too much about having to go apologize to someone else's parents, so you stay silent.
The soldier who had made the grim joke speaks again. "At least the trenches are dry, at least the mud isn't sucking all our weapons into it like it does in the fields." he says, and you nod in agreement. The mud is bad enough, but as soldiers you've all learned to endure it, as much as any person can.
The soldier goes back up the line, and you turn your head to look over, first at Miranda, and then over at the other soldiers who are milling about. They're all so young, most still teenagers.
'From the way they look, some have barely more than a decade's worth of years under their belt.' you think, noting the fact that a few of them appear to be little more than twelve years old, if even.
Not wanting to be plagued by the thoughts of people only a few years younger than yourself being gunned down by machineguns, choking on gas fumes, and being torn to shreds by bombs, you turn your attention back to the lip of the trench that faces towards the enemy lines and the barbed wire that lies just beyond it. The enemy trenches are barely visible from where you are. Even if you were to look out over the lip of the trench, peaking up over the few sandbags that sit along its form, the enemy battle lines, with their myriad of bunker-studded trenchworks, would like like little more than a near un-perceivable line of dusty brown, peppered by blips of grey amidst the sea of dull brown and ebon black of no-mans-land.
After several moments, you can hear someone making their way up the trench, all the while shouting. In an instant, everyone who is present gets out of the way and stands at attention. As you do likewise, all the while picking up your rifle from where it sits on the trench step, you notice that the individual in question is one of the officers in charge of preparing soldiers for when they go over the top.
'... oh no...' you think, terrified at the prospect of having to do such a thing. The thought that you might actually have to do so was almost enough to make you vomit. Before you can even think to do so however, the officer starts giving everyone present their orders for the attack on the enemy trenches.
"Men, we're going over the top in five minutes. Prayers to your god or whatever it is you guys pray to, and get ready." With those words you all turn to look at the enemy trenches, all the while checking your weapons and affixing bayonets to the ends of your rifles. After a few moments, you hear the first few artillery booms from somewhere in the distance. The officer looks up, and so do you and everyone else.
Then, with a single, shrill whistle blast, you and those around you go over the top.
The next thirty minutes are an utter, living hell, as you, Miranda, and the two dozen other birdmen who had been in this chunk of the line fly over no-mans-land amidst your earth-bound comrades; intent on getting to the enemy lines before any of you can be caught by enemy gunfire. The screams and shouts of your fellow soldiers and the rattling gunfire and roar of explosions that you hear only enriches the hell that's going on right now.
Miranda keeps flying alongside you. However, that is short lived as soon enough the enemy starts opening up with rifles and machineguns; catching many of your fellow soldiers on the ground in their withering hail.
In addition, you and your comrades are soon caught in the torrent as well. You are hit in both the side and in the leg, while Miranda is hit in gut. You both plummet into the muddy moonscape of no-mans-land almost immediately, all the while crying out in agony as you plummet into a muddy shell crater, slamming into its side and knocking the wind out of your lungs. Miranda lands a dozen feet away, and in her throws of pain, gets one of her wings, an arm, and a leg tangled in some barbed wire.
The other soldiers in your company are barely making any progress.
slowly, sluggishly getting up, trying your best to fight through the pain flaring up from the bullet injury in your side, you stumble over to where Miranda lies, screaming in pain, and try your best to untangle her leg, arm, and wing from the barbed wire. All the time, enemy fire is coming in; bullets, shells, and mortar rounds shooting out from various points along the enemy trench line.
You manage to get most of it free, only for a bullet from an unseen sniper to tear through your body between your shoulder and clavicle; tearing flesh and shattering bone, causing you to collapse back to the ground and screaming like a stuck pig.
Miranda manages to get her still-trapped leg out of the wire by herself, and looks over at you, tears streaming down her face as blood trickles down the corner of her mouth. She manages to stagger to her feet and after picking you up in a fireman carry, tries to start flying away. As she does so however, she is hit again in the side and falls to the ground.
She writhes on the ground several feet from where you lie, but her cries are soon cut short by mortar round slamming into the ground several feet away from your both that, while not killing her outright, seemingly knocks her unconscious.
You lie there, with your eyes fluttering as you vainly strain to remain conscious. All you can do before the world goes dark, is think about how beautiful the sky must look at home right now...
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2020.10.22 00:10 AntiSocialPartygoer How to decide the location of the first date?

I never scored a person on dates, just in nightclubs. So when it comes to flirting in Tinder, I have a lot of trouble to pick a place.
And honestly? In my opinion, any thing fits. As long as it's not friendly enough to block chemistry, of course.
My main objective on dates is getting physical. I mean... what's the use of getting a date, having a good time them making a move on her and then hearing a "You're a good guy, but I didn't feel it so I just want friendship."
God, I hate when that happens!
My objective is basically what? This.
  1. She treats me nicely, we get along well and the conversation flows very nicely.
  2. Then, if I make an advance on her and she accepts. I don't mind not getting sex in the first date. As long as I manage to score a french kiss, I already won. But, of course, the make-out session must good enough to make her want to get physical with me again.
I'm a simple guy. I just wanna have a good time with your company and get physical with my dates. Don't care if the food is cheap or fancy, I just want this.
So, this being said, what's the best option?
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2020.10.21 22:32 mrglubo1212 My interesting day at school

So I tried to do this before but my story about my day got deleted so I'm sadly gonna skip when my tics started.
Ok so over view my name is cori I have tics I haven't been diagnosed yet but I have tourettes, autism, adhd, add, depression, asperger's and more to come probably. So I'm gonna make side notes they will be marked like (this). I have a bad memory and sometimes I come back a few minutes later I will state it. This happened three or four months ago when it started.
Ok to the story I skipped when I discovered my disability but basically I had two tic attacks as my introduction to tics I watched some videos on how to deal with it and what it is so at this point I know what's happening but not to much.
Alright it's cold (I dont usually wear more than underwear at home) its a minute later. So I wake up it's super cold and I'm ticing at the time I think my head was cocking all over the place and my arms and hands are too and I'm super afraid to tic and have a tic attack at school. So I'm thinking and worrying about it the whole day. I put on my clothes do me hair all the essentials and put on some Jacob collier jazz because he is one of my inspirations oh crap I'm off track ok so I get ready and I feel how cold it is out side because at this time I started to suspect that the cold could trigger le tourettei (that's what i call limits a mix of French and Italian.) So I get my bike then I tic and I'm like man I'm about to die if I ride today I can't control them enough yet. So I asked my (step)dad if he could drive me today So I'm in the car mm truck my bad. I'm at school and my heart immediately starts hurting or I guess beating so hard that it hurts and I star worrying about ticing in class I now know that think about and worrying about tics makes them happen 9 times out of 11. So I put on my mask and walk to the front of the school( I get dropped off near the end of the school so I have a lot of walking to do and plenty of time to fret.) So now I'm st the front door and I meet up with me Boi's my friend cory says hello to me and I in my head start to hear say hey f&g ot to him and its repeating over and over so I say out loud to myself dont you dare say that and cory asks what and I say I can't because if I do, then it came out. I said sorry also hes not gay btw. I found out just today that its coproskeptsi and CV this type of thing would happen around four to 5 times in that day and is still happening now. Oh and I also yelled f really loud. Ok so we walk in I get my food and walk to class while tell my friend wil about my new disorder and hes like oh crap really and I'm all like oh really crap. So now im in class still ticing just at a very low rate and I sit down and begin eating. At the time I forgot that I am lactose intolerant because of the adhd so I drank the milk and proceeded to have the worst day of school since I got bullied for acting too girly back in second grade, but that's a different story for another time. Ok so I drink like half of the chocolate milk and I put it down ok I'm back I was thinking about my f word tic. Ok so now I'm hearing it again and its saying hey f word hey f word and I'm like oh crap please do say that, to my self but aloud. A few seconds later and it just comes out I say and I'll describe it and I said fu fu fu fu&k !!! Then I said sorry and and the teacher said in a stern tone cori we dont curse at school then i told her that I couldn't control it. She came over To me and talked to me (ooo I just noticed it I ticed and put and down twice) so I took the time to tell her I have a tic disorder but she didn't quite understand so I said I will try to warn her next time because for certain tics I can tell what they are and if they are gonna happen I obviously can't tell exactly when but yea. So I'm gonna skip to the main part of the story third period and lunch.
Third period mkay I skipped second because the same thing happened then as well. Ok so I'm walking to my next class and I'm in the hallway ticing-hoping no one is staring at me but I know they are and I worried and I saw this big group of girls and yelled at them hey f you c's. Oh and I heard it in my head before it happened I just forgot to put it down before. So I put my head down and continued walking to upstairs. Ok I'm upstairs and I see my teacher so before I do anything I tell her I suspect I have tourettes, she completely understands and I tell her that I might curse and that I'm sorry in advance oh and that I will tell her when it's not a tic.(i do my best not to lie because i spent 75 percent of my life lieing to get myself out of trouble so when I tell story's I make sure to leave everything in good and bad even if it gets me iss. But again that's a story for next time.) So I sit down, I'm doing my work and it without warning from even my brain i yell hey f you!!(also my vocal tics started with cursing then evolved) I said sorry immediately after the, teacher said it's ok and that's it for the first part of third, now lunch.
Ok so me and my friend Tory are walking down the stairs and I hear the voice in me head saying hey f you hey f you, I tell Tory and he was like oh crap and I was like yea oh crap is right, I mean there is a ton of people in lunch including but not limited to the vice principal the lunch ladies two cops the secretary and the janitor who I'm friends with. So I feel the need to tell the vice principal secretary and cops to warn them that I was going to say it and you know when someone with tics or tourettes tells you they're going to tic THEY ARE GOING TO TIC. So me and Tory get to the front door and I tell them and say "hey I have tics" or "I suspect that I have tourettes and I'm about to say hey f you I just have to warn you" and all three of them say no you better hold that in-you better hold that in and I'm saying I can't and like I know what's gonna happen because I've already had bad tics and two tic attacks caused by holding and suppressing my tics. So because I know they wont learn I teach them with a hands on lesson but that's later so I do as they said knowing full and well what's about to happen and i get my food i go to the freezer to get my milk and juice but I have trouble because I think the temperature can trigger the tics and every time I grab at the milk I drop it so I ask my caring friend Tory to get it for me and he does and I get scanned then sit down the whole time mind you my chest is pounding with fear and I continue to hold it in letting out the occasional grunt and hey fu hey fu. I follow Tory and try to eat I have one knee on the seat and one foot on the ground. My body is shaking like a five point earthquake, I'm have a harder and harder time breathing and talking and moving and now I'm having a panic attack with sprinkles of anxiety and I keep having my breathing tic where I sharply and suddenly breath in and it happens like 3 times in a row so I'm gasping for air and the whole time I'm trying to describe it to Tory and I'm mean mugging the vice principal and cop and i tell them you gave me a panic attack and out of fear I text my mom to make sure she knows what's about to happen and it ramps up more and more I keep saying fu fu fu fu and telling myself no you can't so now I feel light headed and I'm having chest pains and I'm about to past out and then! and then!! and then!!! I yell as loud as my voice will allow HEY F&$K YOU!!!!! And then have a tic attack that lasts the whole lunch time into the second lunch period and the vice principal and cop come to me asking if I need help and I'm like yea I needed help 5 minutes ago, I'm still standing and my leg is so tense that I can't move it my arms are all over the place I'm shuddering every two words and my head is cocking all willy Billy. She keeps talking to me and I say I can't talk to you unless you feel like listening to me try to talk to you for as long as YOU have been reading this. They see about getting me a chair and and I say to them i i i c-c-cant breath si- si-sit down-n-n ma-ma-ma-my l-l-l-l-leg wont mooOoooooOOooooOooOve I'm st-st-st-stuck. Also i already have a stutter so the tics only make it 5 times worse. So now thirty to forty minutes later I'm trying to eat but I keep choking because of my shortened breath tic so I decided to not eat then I mockingly said to the vice principal i told you i couldn't hold it in and ever since then I've been doing my best to spread awareness of tourettes. Now I dont really have the hey! Tic as much it's more like hey fu hey fu hey fu. Like when ever I think about saying the f word in sentences and I do alot I will repeat the last two to three words ending with fu fu fu fu f%#k. The rest of the day was better but not by a lot, because I had a tic attack I was super tired and repeatedly fell asleep in math class. My teachers are pretty well versed i think is the word, In the subject of tourettes and tics. I've gotten better about warning people's but I'm still learning. Also does anyone know how to ask out a guy friend like I need to know if Tory is bi or gay but I really want to ask him out . He will be the first guy I've dated and the second I've kissed. I'm black native American with hints of Puerto Rican. Thanks for making it this far. And I'm proud to be me.
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2020.10.21 18:54 Unwritten89 Dating in France as an expat

I have been in France for an Year (30F). Was focused on school for so long, didn’t really consider dating. But have been trying since past 4 months or so. Landing dates have been easy through apps, finding someone who speaks English has been quite a challenge though. But when I do go out, I get the sense that dating is not a serious thing in France, meaning, people are more into casual relationship. No one seems to want to date exclusively, and are still wanting to meet other women even after getting intimate. I was seeing a guy, who was apparently seeing other women as well, and told me about it after one month of knowing him. My friends who are expats have had similar experiences too. Is it because French doesn’t see long term potential with expat women? Then there is the language. Although the people I have gone out with have gone out with me fully knowing I don’t speak French, they try to get me to have a conversation with me in French quite forcefully. They speak decent English, so I don’t understand the added pressure on the first date itself. I’m willing to try but I feel judged by the way it happens, “why didn’t you learn the language since you got here?”. Sorry, but I was busy studying finance and business and school was taking way too much of my time to have spend hours on language learning. I’m open to learn the language, it’s a beautiful language indeed. But I won’t be able to speak the language overnight. I’m almost reaching an A2 level.
I also feel objectified to the point as an “exotic” product. I feel as if no one really sees who I am, they just see my dark eyes/haitan skin and that’s all I am to them. Compliments are beginning to feel as if, my personality doesn’t matter. I have lived in another countries before, but I never felt this way?
Where I come from, dating is quite serious with the potential to turn to marriage/having kids etc..I see having children outside of marriage is the norm here. Marriages are not common either. Should I even bother dating inter-culturally? Would love to hear perspectives from both French as well as expats.
My apologies if this post comes across as stereotyping, that’s not my intention. I would like to date with purpose that’s all.
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2020.10.21 17:52 AlternateThrownAway [31M] Just found out my wife has HPV, and the doctor said she would’ve contracted it from me, but I’ve never had any sexual contact with anyone other than her

So, some backstory. My wife is [30F] and we’ve been together since I was in 9th grade. She’s the only sexual partner, of any kind of activity, that I’ve ever had. Literally hadn’t French kissed a girl (or guy, to be fair) until we started dating.
My wife last year had a Pap smear and it came back atypical and they told her she would need to come back in a year. So she went today and they found she’s HPV positive.
My question is: how is that possible? I’ve had no other sexual contact and she hasn’t either. She had kissed guys before me, but that’s it. We’ve both had our HPV vaccine as well.
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2020.10.21 17:51 HagerEKU [US-KY] [H] Humpday Pops! [W] Paypal

I have a little of everything for sale here. Take your pick and shoot me any questions. Shipping is $5 for one pop and an additional $2 for each pop after. More pics can be provided. Soft protectors can be added for $1

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2020.10.21 13:14 Crone_Johnson The Midnight Radio Show

The Midnight Radio Show
The headlights emitted bright beams of light, which illuminated the empty mountain road. Each bump my car went over shook the tree-shaped air freshener under the rear-view mirror. Casting their shadows over the road, a web of crooked branches protruded from the leafless trees on both sides. The hood of my car scattered piles of dead leaves in all directions as I sped through the night.
A few minutes away from midnight and the thirty first of October, the night was young. My nephew’s favorite day of the year, Halloween was something he had been looking forward to for months. I planned on keeping my promise, and being the first thing he saw in the morning, along with a special costume I bought from the neighboring city.
Some music would have helped the time fly faster. Being far away from a city, I couldn’t find a single station. Just as I planned on giving up, something came up.
A short catchy tune passed, signaling the beginning of a radio show, and a man spoke out with his calm soothing voice.
“The clock hit the one-two-zero-zero, it’s midnight, and we are live. As always, shoutout to the nightshift, everyone with insomnia, the night owls, all of you underaged folk who should be in bed, and knowing it’s Halloween... everyone and everything supernatural. This is your host Mark, ready to keep you company throughout the night. A quick word before we start; each night of the year, we sit down, and for a tiny fragment of our daily life, we go to another world. Forget the troubles that await our return, and we laugh, cower, and cringe together. It’s the time when the barrier between that world and ours is the thinnest, so let’s enjoy it.
You know me, I love stories, and each night we have a topic. Can you guess what tonight’s is?
Since it’s Halloween, we will be telling each other anything supernatural we’ve experienced. Anything from your socks mysteriously disappearing, to the ghosts you see in your selfies.
Good thing the night is long; there are a lot of people lining up. Caller number one, first come, first served.”
A quick beep signaled someone was on the line.
“I knew you’d pick me first, I just knew it!” a woman shrieked.
“I’m excited to meet you too,” Mark answered in a friendly tone. “But have in mind that some people are wearing headphones.”
“Oops. Sorry,” she lowered her voice.
“What is your name, and what story do you have for us?”
“Name is Tania. It’s about this pen pal. I’ve been single for almost a year, and everyone on the dating apps were intimidated by my good looks, so I couldn’t find a soulmate there. Then a friend told me prisons have this program where you can write to prisoners. It’s like a dating app, but with a bunch of felons.”
“So a normal dating app?”
“Haha, yeah. I did some searching, and found this really hot guy, whose only crimes were tax evasion and battery. After trading a few letters, I realized we had a lot in common. We were both animal lovers, liked art, liked music; the list goes on, so I wanted to arrange a date. He told me when the visiting hours were. Wearing my hottest attire, I arrived at the prison. The visiting room was this big place with a bunch of tables and chairs. Wouldn’t you know it, he was talking to another woman! Supposedly he hooked up with some bitch, and forgot our date. Could you believe that?”
“How is any of that supernatural?”
“If you saw me, you’d agree that not finding a soulmate is not natural.”
Mark cut the line.
“Caller number two, remember the topic, please.”
“This one is definitely supernatural,” a man answered.
“What is your name, sir?”
“Anthony. Night shift construction.”
“Much respect for your profession; what have you got for us?”
“Thanks, Mark. This is something that happened last week. My team of four finished repairing a small road at the park, and we thought we were done for the night. Our boss, who was always a chill guy, called and sounded stressed. Without giving us any details or time to prepare, he ordered us to repair a road in the outskirts. ‘No need to be a good job, just cover it up’ were his exact words.
The team and I jump in our truck. Getting there fast wasn’t a problem since there isn’t a lot of traffic at night. The old houses were spread a quarter mile apart; the neighborhood, if you can call it that, looked dead. On our arrival, we see chunks of asphalt scattered everywhere. I’m talking big pieces torn out of the single-lane road. A tole truck with a destroyed car moves past us towards the city. I’ve seen car crashes, but that vehicle was something else. I shit you not, it looked like a chewed up dog toy.
We park our ride and get out. Aside the headlights and flashlights, there aren’t any lights. The road looked horrible, I swear I saw gashes and claw marks. And they were big.”
“A monster, which hates roads?”
“Once examined closely, we found a tunnel big enough to fit a grown man. Whatever did that to the road, it came from beneath. Wish I could tell you what it was, but we repaired the road and didn’t discuss it. Guess it will stay a mystery.”
“Giant moles under the city; thanks for the story, Anthony.”
“No prob Mark, enjoy Halloween.”
“You as well,” Mark cut the line. “Much better than the last one. Caller three, keep the ball rolling.”
The beep followed.
“Hey,” the tired voice of a boy answered.
“Hello young sir, past our bed time, are we?” Mark joked.
“Sadly, yeah. My evil teacher brought down a hellish tsunami of homework on my ass. Listening to your show to keep my sanity.”
“Good on you for doing your schoolwork, name and story?”
“I’m Harry. I just finished writing this paper and celebrated, then remembered it was double sided.”
“Sounds really scary.”
“Just messing around. That story is true, but I’ve got a better one.”
“Go on.”
“This happened at school. To draw the scene: my school is big, and this takes place in the cafeteria. There are lots of people and tables. I’m waiting in line to get lunch. You can pick some small side things on the way, but the main course is the same for everyone. My turn comes, and this monster faces me. Our kind old cafeteria lady is replaced with this fat, ugly troll. Doesn’t even wear a hairnet to hide her slimy, short hair. Her stained tank top reveals tattoos and scars all over her arms.
She stares at me as if I’m a cockroach, and slaps a pile of crap on my tray. The old lunch lady wasn’t a five star cook, but the food she served looked like food, and was edible. I sat at the table I usually sit at with my friends, and start digging in the pile, trying to understand what it is. I glance at the lunch lady, and she is staring at me from the other side of the hall. I quickly take a bite out of it, and she looks away. It tasted like a salty banana dipped in barbecue sauce. A few moments passed before a sharp pain ran through my stomach. It felt as something was burning and stabbing my insides.
I got up and bolted towards the toilet. Halfway there, in one of the corridors, I vomited all over the floor. I was feeling dizzy, and my vision was blurred. I collapsed next to my vomit and stared at the ceiling. Then the lunch lady appeared above me. She extended her hand towards me, but grabbed what I threw up next to my head. She lifted the disgusting waste and dropped it in a bucket. Half-awake on the floor, I watched her walk away.
Right before I blacked out, I saw something I’ll never forget. The bucket was shaking, as if something was trying to get out. I heard nails click against its metal interior, and this creepy hiss. I never saw the lunch lady again. Turns out two other guys suffered the same thing, but we’re all fine now. They checked us, and we are healthy.”
“Sentient vomit... doesn’t sound fun.”
“Whatever it was, I’m just happy it’s over.”
“Glad you are ok.”
“Me too Mark, me too. Thanks for having me, but I gotta finish that homework. Wish me luck.”
“Good luck, Harry.”
The beep sounded.
“What an experience that would have been, poor kid. Next caller. Number four, name and story?”
“Name’s Balthasar, barman,” a man answered with his low pitch voice.
“What have you got for us, Balthasar?”
“You ever heard of body modification?”
“I have, but some of the listeners haven’t. Fill them in, will you?”
“Oh I will. Body modifications can be many things. As an example, the most common are piercings and tattoos. Then come contraptions, which deform your limbs, metal rods you stick through your body, getting parts of you cut and sewed back into something entirely different, injecting different substances under your skin to give your body a... different shape; definitely not for everyone, but it is art. I’m personally a tattoo guy with a little piecing here and there.
With that lesson out of the way, I work in an underground establishment for everyone with different tastes. I see all kinda people, but most of them are pretty cool. This nice couple comes each Friday; they mostly stick around the bar for a bit, and leave. I’ll call them Luke and Leia; not to give away names.
This happened last Friday. It’s around midnight, the club is pretty full, and everyone is having a blast. Then suddenly this strange sensation hits me, and judging by their looks, it hits everyone. I was close with my grandad, and when he died a few years back, I couldn’t leave my room for a month. I was depressed. That night, I felt the same way; I could smell the stench of death.
Some people begin to leave. Then this guy shows up, and sits at the bar next to Luke and Leia. Pale as snow, cosmetic lenses, which make his entire eyes grey, and dressed in all black. He casually orders a drink. He had his teeth chiseled; I had seen other guys sharpen, but never a full set. I’ll call him pale man.
While I’m preparing his drink, he is ignoring me. His eyes were locked on the couple. Guy didn’t blink a single time. I couldn’t quite hear him due to the loud music, but the couple sure could. Luke and Leia looked enraged but sat completely still. Really still, like statues. He is talking, then all of a sudden Leia smiles and sits on his lap. Luke is now terrified. And here comes the crazy part...
Pale man whispers something in Luke’s ear and French kisses him. And the kiss is long, like half a minute long, while Leia has this empty smile. He pulls back, and blood pours down Luke’s mouth. A piece of meat is hanging from pale man’s mouth, as he slowly slurps it in, and chews it. Hands all over Leia, he gets up and walks away with her. Luke is sitting alone, paralyzed in fear, blood pouring from his mouth.
At this point, I have no idea what I should do. They didn’t fight back, and the girl looked like she was liking it. I had seen people do kinky things there, but this looked wrong. I’ll call him Han, a huge guy who works at the establishment, came and dragged Luke out. I don’t know what happened to him, but he wasn’t outside when I was closing up a few hours later.”
“Eating someone’s tongue with a kiss, ouch. Sorry you had to see it.”
“Pale man looked pretty frail. If he ever comes back to the club, I told Han to kick his ass.”
“Glad you solved that problem. Thanks for calling.”
“Watch out for crazy tongue eaters, Mark, later.”
“Stay safe,” Mark cut the line.
“Nasty story, all kinds of things happen out there. Caller number... let’s skip the five, caller number six, my unlucky number.”
The beep was shortly followed by muffled noise from the other side.
“Caller number six?”
Heavy breathing became audible.
“Caller number six, do you have a story?”
The breathing continued for a few seconds, and stopped.
Mark cut the line. “Caller number five, we’re going back to you.”
The beep sounded.
“Yo Mark. It’s Fred.”
“Well hello Fred, is this the... sixth time you’re calling? Been a few months.”
“Dude, that’s so rad you remember.”
“What do you have for us?”
“Dude, I found the mermaid!”
“Here we go. Before you start, there might be new listeners.”
“Sure thing. Dudes and dudettes, a few months ago, I hooked up with a mermaid, but she kinda dumped me. Been searching for her since... found her a few days ago.”
“Were you high then?”
“Maybe, why would it matter?”
“Curiosity. But go on, the floor is yours.”
“Thanks my dude. I had her name and a sketch I drew, so I put up fliers, ads in the newspaper, and questions in Internet forums. I also walked up to people and asked them, but nobody knew her. One time I was asking this dude about her, when two huge dudes came and kidnapped me.”
“You are calling in so I’m guessing that ended well for you.”
“It sure did, my dude. They brought me up to this cliff at the coastline, and said I knew too much. Turns out my mermaid ran away from her father, who is now chasing her. He saw the ads, and sent his dudes to check me out. The dudes were actually mermaids too. Or merman. There are a bunch of mermaids who live in the sea as well.”
“Apologies for interrupting, but you should cut back on the drugs.”
“My dude, marijuana isn’t a drug, and all of this is real. They kicked me off the cliff... and my mermaid was there! Just like I remembered her. She kissed me.”
“Im glad you got a happy ending.”
“Not quite. I woke up on the beach again... without her.”
“You kissed a mermaid twice, who can beat that?”
“Yeah, I guess dude. Going to get high and listen to the rest of your show.”
“I know you will,” Mark let out a friendly chuckle. “Next caller. Number seven.”
“Markie, what up?” a woman sluggishly asked.
“Doing fantastic as always. Name and story?”
“Johana. My name is Johana. Second year in college. Do you know Bloody Mary?”
“The legend or the cocktail?”
“The legend. Say her name, spin three times in front of the mirror, and she is there.”
“A classic, would love to hear it.”
“Well... I didn’t summon Bloody Mary, I summoned a similar spirit. Her name is Acid Mary.”
“Acid Mary?”
“You take acid, spin three times in front of a mirror, and boom.”
“Does Acid Mary look like a burst of colors?”
“Yeah, did you summon her too?”
“Wild guess,” Mark cut the line. “Next caller. I feel like a seventeen, caller seventeen, you’re up.”
“Buenas noches.”
“Good evening to you as well. Could you speak in English?”
Mark cut the line.
“Caller number twenty. Name and story?”
“Who am I? If I told you my real name, I might as well sentence you to death. Only the highest of ranks in the most secret of secret organizations know my true identity. Low ranks call me The Carnage Cougar, a nickname I received for successfully completing over ninety-five missions. And by missions, I refer to ones, which usually require an army of hundreds. Assassinations, espionage, cyber warfare, defensive and offensive operations, you name it. I have driven anything and everything, from baby bikes and ice cream trucks, to nuclear submarines and spacecraft. All kinds of entities keep attempting to end my life, from the generic human assassins and hit squads, to eldritch beings and aliens. I know what you are asking yourself, why would someone like me call. Well it is simple, my job doesn’t legally allow me to talk about these things, but telling it here as a fictional story is a loop hole. And why would I want that? I want people to know how amazing I am. So don’t hold back on the worshiping.”
“Alright Carnage Cougar, amaze us.”
“I am currently undercover as a stripper. A biological warfare mutant escaped from the local secret government base, and infected a human. As always, I have to fix the problem. Sounds easy enough, right? Just kill them and get it over with. Well, that’s just it, they act and look entirely human. The special locator device, installed in the zebra themed speedo under my pants, can detect them up to a foot.”
“I’ll have to stop you right there; we’ll be forever grateful you shared this story with us, but this isn’t that kind of show,” Mark cut the line. “Hmm... a lot of people have a story to tell. Let’s look at the back of the line, number eighty-one, what can you bring to the table?”
A few seconds of muffled speech went by before a man answered. “Hey. First time caller.”
“A hey back to you, name and story?”
“My name is Ca-ugh.”
“Your name is Ca-ugh?”
“Ugh... no, I meant to say my name is Conor.”
“Sure thing, Conor. What kind of story do you have?”
“It all happened at the coast.”
“I love coast stories; the floor is yours.”
“My job doesn’t pay well, so to earn some extra money, I own a small boat I’d take out to fish in the sea, just far enough to still spot the city lights. The night this happened was different. I was there to... ugh... enjoy the view. Just as I was about to stop... ugh... enjoying the view... a distant pop focused my attention on the horizon. Opposite the city, far in the sea, a red dot blasted through the air. Someone had fired a flare gun.
While there were other boats closer to the shoreline, the chance they saw the signal was very low, and with no information, the coastguard wouldn’t have known to search there.
I hastily turned the engine on. My boat was definitely not a yacht, however I had mounted a small roof to partially protect myself from bad weather. Since I couldn’t tell the exact location the flare was fired from, I slowed down after relatively closing in, and unpacked a heavy flashlight.
'I’m here to help!' I yelled and moved the bright beam of light through the darkness. 'Say anything!' I kept shouting.
The further I moved away from land, the bigger the waves became. A shiny surface reflected moonlight. I illuminated a yacht.
For some reason back then, I expected a sinking boat or drowning people. Engine problems were far more common and likely to happen.
I was close enough not to have to yell, so I explained I saw their flare, and asked if everything was alright. The well-kept, seemingly new boat, didn’t have any lights on. This creeped me out a bit, so I proceeded to speak in a quieter tone.
The silhouette of a person appeared behind the windows.
'I can see you, I won’t hurt you,' I tried to sound funny and playful, but since no one answered, it came off as creepy. I was anxious. The sea had calmed down, and the only audible thing was my boat’s engine.
Suddenly, quiet, gentle humming came from the dark boat. There was something calming, and welcoming to it.
'Ugh... hi?' I asked. The two boats were getting very close to each other. I said that if they are alright, I’ll be leaving. It felt wrong when I said those words. I didn’t want to leave. Something forced me to turn my engine off, and listen. And not like some evil mind control; it felt calming. The moment I came closer, and the humming could be heard better, it moved away as if it was teasing me. The two boats bumped against one another.
I tried to jump to the yacht, but hit my toe, which in a way, snapped me out of whatever state I was in. The smile I didn’t know I had faded.
The humming stopped, and a figure exited the interior of the yacht. I instantly moved the beam of light on it. A young, pale woman in a blue dress greeted me with a calm monotone voice.
I lowered the flashlight’s brightness, and asked if everything was alright.
A single yes was all she said.
Before asking her anything else, I realized there was blood around her mouth. At first it appeared she was hurt, so I asked if she needed help.
She told me not to worry, since it wasn’t hers. The woman then took a step forward. Her hands, and long, brown hair also had blood.
Scary thoughts filled my head. I asked her whose blood it was.
She said it belonged to those who owned the boat. The woman hadn’t broken eye contact. It felt as if there was nothing behind her bright, blue eyes.
Her answer was in the past tense, meaning they weren’t there anymore. So I asked where they were.
And this is what she answered. ‘A vicious animal tore them apart.’
I turned the engine on, and escaped as fast as possible. The woman calmly watched me the entire time.”
“Killed a ship crew, but let you leave?” Mark asked skeptically.
“I’ll never know why,” Conor coughed, and cut the line.
“Strange fellow. So little night, so many callers. I don’t know about you, but I need a drink. Enjoy some music, while I take a small break. Don’t worry, I’ll be back...”
“This is your host Mark, the clock hit the zero-two-zero-zero, and we are back. Friendly reminder to those who are joining, the topic is anything supernatural-related. It’s Halloween after all. Caller forty-two, pick up where we left, would you?”
“Only if you ask nicely,” a woman cheerfully answered.
“Would you, please?”
“My name is Rose. I hunt cryptids.”
“Interesting. Go on.”
“I have a team of two. Bill takes care of all the tech: cameras, GPS, vehicles, that kinda stuff. Linda does the research, she pretty much knows everything about any animal on our planet. And I’m the one who gets her hands dirty. My job is to hunt the creature, and tranquilize it.”
“How many cryptids have you caught?”
“Well... we have a lot of footage. But we haven’t caught anything.”
“Has the world seen this footage?”
“It has, but not many people believe it. People call it fake because it tends to be blurry. The story I’m telling has solid footage, and we actually caught something.”
“I think this is something everyone wants to hear.”
“We travel to all different kinds of places. The latest one was up at the desert north of Santa Bacia. Aside a few festivals ones or twice a year, nobody goes there. We picked up on some rumors that the government has been doing secret experiments. Problem is, a lot of other cryptid hunters picked up on it as well, so we had to hurry. We got on the off-road van, and off we went. The desert is a really big place, and we didn’t know the exact location of where these government experiments were being held.
Bill used two drones to scout ahead, which made it much easier. We didn’t think something would come up quickly, but it did. An hour in, the camera caught a big hole in the sand. Perfect square tunnel; led to a busted trapdoor. Complete darkness underneath. We dropped flares, which illuminated this large chamber. It was the real thing. Since there were no stairs, we dropped down ropes. Bill left me and Linda to climb down. First thing we saw was a busted metal detector. It was out of place, recently brought there. We faced a big reinforced door, covered in multiple dents and holes, one of which barely big enough for a human to fit. One after another, we squeezed through.
Now on the other side, we could see claw marks on the door. As if something had been trying to escape...
We found ourselves in a long corridor with doors on each side. Water drops leaked from busted pipes, which ran along the ceiling. The entire floor was slippery and wet.
Even though we had flashlights mounted on our foreheads, it was hard to see in the dark. Linda set up a motion-detecting camera. The place was trashed. A file cabinet was bent into a wall, as if it flew out of one of the rooms. Tranquilizing rifle in hand, we entered the room. Complete mess. Furniture slammed all over the place. File cabinets, desks... and they were metal. No human could have lifted them.”
“Hmm, I’ve got to give it to you Rose, you sure sound brave. This... secret government base sounds scary.”
“Oh it was, but I’m conditioned. I’ve been to worse places. So I’m in the destroyed room, and Linda points out something. Under a pile of metal cabinets, we could see a human arm. It wasn’t normal... it was sickly pale, and had blades protruding from its fingers. Metal blades! We tried to pull off all of the furniture, but it was just too heavy. We didn’t get an answer when we asked whoever was there if he was alright, so...”
“Since you found a corpse, I presume you called the police.”
“We tried, but our phones didn’t work. We called the cops later; I’ll get there. We took pictures of the arm, and kept searching. All of the folders on the floor were in some strange language. There were a few scattered pictures, and they were really creepy. Detailed pictures of bodies. They weren’t entirely human. Some had out-of-proportion limbs, others were unnaturally muscular or skinny. We kept some pictures and folders, and checked the other rooms. More and more useless cabinets. In the end of the corridor, there was a large double door. Of course, it was locked. So we climbed back up the ropes, got in the van, and left. We called the police, and they just told us to stay out of the desert. We came back and the square tunnel was full with sand. Lots and lots of sand. When we returned with some heavy machinery the next day, cops had blocked off the road. There is definitely something down there, and we have proof.”
“A picture of a Halloween costume hand?”
“I’m being serious!”
“Thanks for being on, dear,” Mark cut the line. “Next caller. I’ll keep this number secret. Number you-know-who, care to share a story?”
“Everyone here is a liar. You know it, I know it, they know it,” a man stated.
“You don’t believe in the supernatural?”
“Not at all, Mark. Stories are all cool to listen, but pretending this is reality is complete and utter bullshit.”
“There is no way of knowing.”
“Yeah there is. No proof, therefore not real. Rosie from the last call, you’re a liar, go get a real job. Cryptid hunter, pff, what a joke. Boat guy with the pale girl, get a girlfriend; maybe you’ll stop seeing imaginary people. Mark, listening to you is fun, but all of these peeps talking they’ve seen real ghosts and goblins is pissing me off.”
“Everyone has an opinion,” Mark replied in a friendly tone. “Real or not, taking a break from reality for a second hasn’t hurt anyone.”
“I get where you’re coming from. Love your show, but tonight’s topic is lame. Peace out.”
The line cut.
“Next caller. Caller thirty-seven, lighten the mood a bit, will you?”
“George here, and I’m with the last guy. Supernatural life doesn’t exist, but hear me out before you cut me off. Everything has an explanation. Wendigos? If they exist, they aren’t magical, they are probably some animal. Ghosts? In time, science will explain them.”
“Mystery carries its charm; logical explanations, answers, we always search for them, but maybe we should leave some things unknown.”
“I’ve got a story.”
“Go on, friend.”
“I’m a biologist, and there have been certain sightings in a certain swamp. I can’t mention its name, cryptid hunters might come, and disturb what is potentially a living fossil.”
“A living fossil?”
“Alligators have always been intriguing. They can grow a lot, but the one we’ve found... judging by shedded scales, and prints... it might be as big as a bus.”
“A bus-sized alligator? Wouldn’t that be hard to miss?”
“There have been sightings-”
“Caller forty-two wants to rejoin,” Mark interrupted. “Why don’t you two have a discussion?”
Both Rose and George were on the line.
“I’m a cryptid hunter as well, would you like my assistance?” she asked.
George let out a frustrated sigh. “I’m a scientist. I don’t go on wild goose chases. The creature I am studying is not a supernatural... cryptid as you put it... it is an undocumented species.”
“That’s what a cryptid is!”
“With all due respect, you keep filming people in Halloween costumes, I have research to do.” George cut the line.
“Research? Is that what you-“
Mark cut her off as well.
“Enough with the productive debates. Caller number... number thirteen. You’ve been waiting for a while.”
“Thought my turn would never come, chief,” a man answered.
“Lucky you, it did come. Name and story?”
“Paul. I don’t want to sound insane, but in a way, my story is a warning.”
“Ok Paul, warn us.”
“I’ll just give a quick explanation how I got into my predicament. Basically, law enforcement thought I did a few very illegal things, which I didn’t do, and they sent their guys after me. Late at night, by accident, they stormed into my neighbor’s apartment. I heard screaming and bashing, and got a head start. I’ll skip the part where I climbed a few roofs, had a chase through alley ways, and stole a motorbike.”
“You stole a bike?”
“I panicked. They know I’m innocent about the other thing now, but I’m going to court next week for the theft.”
“Good luck with that.”
“Thanks. So that was the intro. I’m on the bike, speeding through a suburban neighborhood, while three cruisers and a helicopter are on me. Out of nowhere, the brakes stop working. I crash into a pile of trash and bushes, and thank the people in the neighborhood for littering. I get the bike up, and its engine doesn’t want to turn back on. The three cruisers behind me also have that problem. Their headlights and sirens turn off, and they crash into each other. The helicopter can’t be heard anymore as well. My confusion is quickly replaced with fear when I see the officers exit. One of them has my biggest fear... a police dog.
This part of the neighborhood has houses packed really close to one another. I begin to climb over fences, run through backyards, duck in trash and bushes. I hear them shouting and releasing the dog. All of the sounds suddenly disappear. I burst out of some bushes, and find myself around more houses, but they are different. There are absolutely no lights inside. The street lights are also really dim. I can’t hear a sound...
At this point, I’m both happy I escaped in a way, but I’m also freaked out. I start to check the doors and windows, but they are all locked. Not normal locked, felt like they were superglued. Then one of the street lights in the end of the street flickers. I take a step closer to see better. It slightly wiggles like a string. That freaks me out even more. Then two long protrusions emerge from its sides. Its bottom half splits into two, forming legs. The street light takes a super, sluggish step towards me, and transforms back into a normal light. I glance back for a moment, and see the distance between street lights is uneven. They’ve been moving closer... they are gathering around me! I run back at the fences and trash. The creatures jump out of their lamp form and sprint after me. Just as they were about to catch me, all of the houses lit up, the sirens come back, and I feel the dog’s teeth sink into my leg. It tackles me to the floor, and in a second three officers are around me. I was happy a dog caught me, and not the street lamps.”
“What an... intriguing story,” Mark couldn’t find the right words.
“Thanks for having me, chief,” the man cut the line.
“Well, that was weird. I think there is time for one last caller. Number one hundred and one, you’re up.”
The beep sounded.
“Happy Halloween!” a boy yelled.
“Someone likes Halloween, why are you up so late, young sir?”
“My uncle brought me my costume!”
“Your costume?”
“Yeah. Arrived twenty minutes ago. He got me this glow-in-the-dark skeleton suit. It’s awesome. Uncle, say hello to Mark!”
“Apologies,” a man with my voice said. “My nephew loves your show.”
Mark chuckled. “And Everyone here loves him, am I right listeners?”
I could hear my nephew laugh.
“Made his Halloween even better, thanks for answering. Good night everyone," my voice spoke for the last time before the caller hung up.”
I looked at the glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume on the backseat. I was nowhere near the city and my nephew.
“So many people with so much to say,” Mark spoke. “Who knows what stories will be left untold... but hey, we have time. This one is for all the little moments we let ourselves forget reality, and dive into the unknown. Happy Halloween, listeners.”
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2020.10.21 08:24 Borange81 [Update] I met up with first love who cheated on me and contacted me after 15 years away, I asked her what do I get that is special? You already cheated on me, broke my trust etc.
I struggled but I had to meet her. I already made a mistake by answering her messages on Facebook and then letting her call my phone and I met up with her.
I tried my best not to be angry or show anger, when I met she was already waiting outside in front of the restaurant she saw me walking up there I had my mask in my hand and didn't notice her at first until she saw me I was walking and I saw someone crying with her hands covering her face, it was her and she ran up to me and hugged me.
I didn't hug her back my hands were to my side, she was making like a big scene and people were there and an older woman walked by us and said you are you guys married is he coming back from the service? I said no just an old college friend, and the old woman said well she as hell is emotional for just an old friend you guys are cute together.
I was already thinking this was a bad idea, she was making a scene getting all emotional and people looking at us like we were in love or she was in love and they were going awwwww kiss her.
I kept my composure and we ordered and waited for our food outside, she looked older a little bit more weight, she told me I miss you and that her heart is pounding.
We started talking she showed me photos of her daughters and I said they look just like their father, and she was really happy but for me I wasn't
She was acting like everything was all good and I just played along we ate and finished our food and I wanted to talk to her private so I said lets walk toward that park area and sit on a bench and talk
I said so what is the reason you wanted to meet me? She said straight up that she misses me and she told me to please listen to her and not get mad she isn't good at explaining.
She told me she Fd up, she told me she understands if I don't want anything to do with her but she said if I hadn't been through the stuff I did, if I hadn't been with the guys I did and married the guy I did and him leave me, I would never knew you were the one.
I then snapped on her, I couldn't take this.
I first talked calmly and told her so let me see if Im getting this straight, so you cheat on me, and remain friends with the girls who talked crap about me and you french kissed at the party and the friends who you french kissed and made out with, but you left me to die you left me the one who loved you the most the one who only confided in you the one who had nobody.
You left me for dead, you did that and I asked her do you still talk to those friends,she starts crying and said yes. So you abandon me, and now you want me to be part of your life again after you husband cheats on you leaves you for a younger woman.
She goes I understand, while crying, I said to her do you know how offensive and shameless this is that you would have the nerve to suggest what you suggested? like im winning some type of prize?
WTF do I get thats special? What do you have to offer me that these younger women don't? you already cheated on me, you already left me for dead,you lied, you betrayed me, you still talk to those people and chose them over me and listened to them over me, and you had kids with another man.
So that shows to me that you are using me, that you don't care about me, you think im some type of sucker who will just forgive you and she starts crying hard and is having a panic attack saying I don't know how to say it, I don't and im sorry, I beat myself everyday for what I done to you I do and

I then yell bullsht, you are full of it, you moved on from me they told me, and she goes who told you, I said it doesn't matter. you dated guys I hated, guys we knew right after you left me, I felt guilty thinking it was all my fault, and you lie even now you lie, you NEVER asked about me, they showed a video of us together and you didn't even shed a tear 3 years after you left me.
Im not doing this to hurt you, because I know how you are you will go talk to your sisters, to your girlfriends after this because you don't know how to think on your own two feet and they will say the same crap they always did that Im no good, and you deserve better, and yada yada.
I told her I loved you, I wanted you to have my babies, if you had married me Id still be with you today.
She said I know. Her sister calls her up she is baby sitting for her and said she has to go to work soon so we cut our meeting short.
I walk her to her car, and she then tries to hug me again and I say no and she fights with me saying no and I just let her hug me and she starts smelling my neck and tells me how she misses my scent and my cologne etc.
Shortly after I get home before bed she sends me a text message saying I will not stop fighting for you, you asked me what do you get thats special, nothing you are right I gave myself to others but I never felt what I feel with you and I fought it out and listened to others advice and I chose against you and I paid dearly and suffering for it, she said you deserve to have a fresh start with a younger woman, you deserve that, all I can do is try and prove to you and I wont stop fighting for you I hope you forgive me but if you don't I also understand.
That as the last message she sent me and I didn't reply.
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2020.10.20 14:37 HagerEKU [US-KY] [H] Hundreds of Pops [W] Paypal

I have a little of everything for sale here. Take your pick and shoot me any questions. Shipping is $5 for one pop and an additional $2 for each pop after. More pics can be provided. Soft protectors can be added for $1

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2020.10.20 10:57 Prestigious-Isopod61 Double Standards of Second-Romance

I've had this hate-love relationship with second-chance romance for a long time. As someone who loves angst, push and pull, and heartache, it's a trope I generally gravitate towards. But there are some patterns I've noticed that irritate me.
Sorry if this is too rant-y, but I just feel like Second Chance romance has a tendency to punish the heroine. I get that pain, misfortune and angst come with the territory, in fact that's what I want, but I want it to be mutual. I want both characters to have some heartache and longing. But these patterns create a toxic narrative that, whether it's sexually, romantically or monetarily, its ONLY the heroine's life that is bleak without the Hero.
(Edit: I want to clarify that having the Hero be super rich or more successful isn't the problem. But it's just how the the Second Chance trope has a pattern treating the h so bad compared to the H after their separation.)
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2020.10.19 23:25 LadyCardinal An Alternate 100 Best Fantasy Novels of All Time

After the Time fiasco (if a magazine article can be called a fiasco), I thought it might be fun to try and come up with my own top 100 list--not of my favorites, but of particularly influential books. I haven't actually read a significant portion of these books (though I have read quite a few), and I'm honestly not trying to pass this off as definitive; mostly I just want to throw it out there and see in what ways people agree or, more likely, vehemently disagree. I'll attach the rules I used to create this as a comment. In the meantime, here are the books:

  1. The Epic of Gilgamesh (oldest surviving version c. 1800 BCE)
  2. The Epics by Homer (c. 8th century BCE)
  3. The Theban Plays by Sophocles (429-401 BCE)
  4. The Aeneid by Virgil (29-19 BCE)
  5. Beowulf (c. 700-750 CE)
  6. The Divine Comedy by Dante Alighieri (1320)
  7. Le Morte d’Arthur by Thomas Malory (1485)
  8. Journey to the West by Wu Cheng’en (1592)
  9. A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare (c. 1595-1596)
  10. Paradise Lost by John Milton (1667)
  11. One Thousand and One Nights (Arabian folktales, first published in French in 1717)
  12. Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift (1726)
  13. Grimm’s Fairy Tales by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm (1812)
  14. The Rose and the Ring by William Makepeace Thackeray (1854)
  15. Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll (1865)
  16. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court by Mark Twain (1889)
  17. The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde (1890)
  18. Dracula by Bram Stoker (1897)
  19. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum (1900)
  20. Peter Pan by J. M. Barrie (1906)
  21. The Worm Ouroboros by E. R. Eddison (1922)
  22. The King of Elfland’s Daughter by Lord Dunsany (1924)
  23. Lud-in-the-Mist by Hope Mirlees (1926)
  24. Conan the Barbarian by Robert E. Howard (first story published 1932)
  25. Mary Poppins by P. L. Travers (1934-1988)
  26. At the Mountains of Madness by H. P. Lovecraft (1936)
  27. Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser by Fritz Leiber (1939-1988)
  28. Fictions by Jorge Luis Borges (1944)
  29. Gormenghast by Mervyn Peake (1946-1956)
  30. The Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis (1950-1956)
  31. Dying Earth by Jack Vance (1950-1984)
  32. The Palm-Wine Drinkard by Amos Tutuola (1952)
  33. The Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien (1954-1955)
  34. The Condor Trilogy by Jin Yong (1957-1961)
  35. The Once and Future King by T. H. White (1958)
  36. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson (1959)
  37. Elric of Melniboné books by Michael Moorcock (1961-1991)
  38. The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster (1961)
  39. The Letter for the King by Tonke Dragt (1962)
  40. The Chronicles of Prydain by Lloyd Alexander (1964-1968)
  41. The Dark Is Rising by Susan Cooper (1965-1977)
  42. The Wandering Unicorn by Manuel Mujica Láinez (1965)
  43. One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel García Márquez (1967)
  44. Dragonriders of Pern by Anne McCaffrey (1967-2012)
  45. The Last Unicorn by Peter S. Beagle (1968)
  46. The Earthsea Cycle by Ursula K. Le Guin (1968-2001)
  47. Chronicles of Amber by Roger Zelazny (1970-1991)
  48. Merlin Trilogy by Mary Stewart (1970-1979)
  49. Watership Down by Richard Adams (1972)
  50. The Princess Bride by William Goldman (1973)
  51. The Forgotten Beasts of Eld by Patricia McKillip (1974)
  52. The Chronicles of Thomas Covenant by Stephen R. Donaldson (1977-2013)
  53. Tales From the Flat Earth by Tanith Lee (1978-1987)
  54. The Morgaine Stories by C. J. Cherryh (1978-1988)
  55. Kindred by Octavia Butler (1979)
  56. The Neverending Story by Michael Ende (1979)
  57. The Book of the New Sun by Gene Wolfe (1980-1983)
  58. Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie (1981)
  59. Imaro by Charles R. Saunders (1981-2017)
  60. The House of the Spirits by Isabel Allende (1982)
  61. The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley (1983)
  62. The Witches by Roald Dahl (1983)
  63. Tortall universe by Tamora Pierce (1983-present)
  64. Discworld by Terry Pratchett (1983-2015)
  65. The Black Company by Glen Cook (1984-present)
  66. Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones (1986)
  67. Redwall by Brian Jacques (1986-2011)
  68. Beloved by Toni Morrison (1987)
  69. Swordspoint by Ellen Kushner (1987)
  70. Valdemar books by Mercedes Lackey (1987-present)
  71. The Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan (1990-2013)
  72. Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman (1990)
  73. The Gilda Stories by Jewelle Gomez (1991)
  74. Wars of Light and Shadow by Janny Wurts (1993-present)
  75. The Witcher by Andrzej Sapkowski (1993-2013)
  76. The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami (1994-1995)
  77. Realm of the Elderlings by Robin Hobb (1995-2017)
  78. His Dark Materials by Phillip Pullman (1995-2000)
  79. The Lions of Al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay (1995)
  80. Old Kingdom by Garth Nix (1995-present)
  81. A Song of Ice and Fire by George R. R. Martin (1996-present)
  82. Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling (1997-2007)
  83. Crown of Stars by Kate Elliott (1997-2006)
  84. Brown Girl in the Ring by Nalo Hopkinson (1998)
  85. Malazan Book of the Fallen by Steven Erikson (1999-2011)
  86. House of Leaves by Mark Z. Danielewski (2000)
  87. Bas-Lag books by China Miéville (2000-2004)
  88. The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher (2000-present)
  89. American Gods by Neil Gaiman (2001)
  90. Kushiel’s Legacy by Jacqueline Carey (2001-2008)
  91. The Curse of Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold (2001)
  92. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell (2004)
  93. Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell by Susanna Clarke (2004)
  94. Temeraire by Naomi Novik (2006-2016)
  95. The First Law by Joe Abercrombie (2006-present)
  96. Gentleman Bastard by Scott Lynch (2006)
  97. The Magicians by Lev Grossman (2009-2014)
  98. Who Fears Death by Nnedi Okorafor (2010)
  99. The Stormlight Archive by Brandon Sanderson (2010-present)
  100. Broken Earth by N. K. Jemisin (2015-2017)
(Edited to move Dragonriders of Pern, A Song of Ice and Fire, The Phantom Tollbooth, and Fahfrd and the Gray Mouser to their proper places chronologically, change The Lies of Locke Lamora to Gentleman Bastard, add a date next to The Wandering Unicorn, change Small Gods to Discworld, change The Odyssey to The Epics by Homer, Oedipus Rex to the Theban Plays, and Perdido Street Station to Bas-Lag, update the end date on Temeraire, and to fix a typo that survived all those other edits.)
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2020.10.19 21:14 Lifeinthisboyslife My mom is pressuring me into sex.

It started I when 14 years old and she would dress and put on bra’s and lingeries to ask me if it ‘looked good’ on her breasts for her date night. My father left us when i was 13 years old he had a lot of problems from his childhood and military and my mother has a restraining order against him and his brothers.. And I never ever bonded deeply with any family members and felt so alone my whole life. And I had a lot of anxiety and fear my entire life I don’t know why. But When a teacher of mine saw my notebook and saw all the suicide ideation on my notes she called the school administrators and they called police and and they put me in a hospital geared towards teenager who are suicidal like me.. been there 5 days and left..
All of these took a heavy mental toll on my mother who is also single and gave up on dating guys when i was 15.I guess she could feel attached to them emotionally or couldn’t allow anyone to get near me anymore.She loved me so much. When she looks into my eyes she always has the 1000 yard soldier stair in her beatiful blue eyes.Like she put up with everything to get me to where I am today.. Like she gave up her career and life..
For the last 2 months she asked about my relationship with girls and she said you don’t have to feel isolated in your school and you can try dating girls you can be sexual with them now that you’re 16 years of age and feel teenage love and this may help you get over your teenage anxiety 😟
And i believe this was a move on her part to ‘get sexual with me maybe??’ To me opening up to her about my sexual feelings?? Idk. And after we had this conversation she said I love you so much honey and i feel so alone and I also need your emotional support and feel your presence right beside me ‘so I bond with my beatiful boy’
After that we started to sleep in the same bed and we started hugging each other first when we were facing each other. Then we would turn other way and sleep. After a week has gone by and she started pushing her butt against my groin to get close to me? I guess..
The next morning when i came home she was so interested in helping me out ‘find a girlfriend’ she was acting like a friend of mine rather than a mother .. she is 38 years old but this time started acting weird and like a teenager.
She asked me questions like do you know how to french kiss? (Btw we have french ancestry) I said no. And she started caressing me saying it’s OK that i should practice and learn to be more confident to get a girlfriend in school so I not feeling alone when I am not with her anymore..
We first started to kiss each other on the lips i said sorry countless times. And she would hold my head towards her to lock our lips and massage my lips . After that i couldn’t look her in the eye but i got rock hard while doing that...
Exactly same night we went into the terrace and she gave me wine and some fruits so i drank the wine she poured more and more again...
She said I am gonna sleep i am waiting for you honey and i got sleepy after the wine.. So i get there to the bed and she was in the bed with her bras and lingerie.. She again started to grind on me while in the bed and i hugged her from behind and said I LOVE YOU SO MUCH while i am half drunk.. She said it’s ok honey i love you too my handsome part.? She put her hands inside my boxters and started jerking me off and i started getting so horny and because while she was masturbating me my penis always touched her ass cheeks.and i couldn’t handle myself and i seperated her buttcheeks and she let me put it in and i came inside of her 2 minutes in... later I hugged her from behind and slept.
It has been 1 week and i don’t know what to do guys? I feel so guilty? I am 16 years old. I don’t have anybody other than my mom...
Please help me how should i behave with my mom ? I think this is wrong and this may end up with me having sex with her.Pls help me I am serious.
She started calling me handsome when i am with her.Inside our house I always walk around with goosebump all over my body.And i have rosacea too I have red cheeks all the time. Should i continue this relationship this way? I know this is not normal but i felt totally connected to someone for the first time in my life? And like I talked to a psychiatrist that my hospital referred me to and I talked to her on the phone she says she is gonna call the police and I begged and cryed for half an hour on the phone to not get my jewel mom arrested because she is the only diamond i have in this world.If i am seperated from her I will definitely cut my wrists I told my psychiatrist and she decided not to call anyone.And i know with this much bond with me and my mom I would’ve harmed myself if I were to seperated from her.
Pls help me.
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2020.10.19 19:51 koira-g-g New Battle for the Bosporus dlc

soo first of all i need to state that English isnt my first language and im sure there will be spelling and grammatical mistakes
okay soo first of all i really want to thank paradox for including Turkey in this new dlc
but there are a lot of flaws the main one almost all of the focuses are 70 days this makes it hard for Turkey to do something before everything goes down i tried fascist ottoman and i tried etatism with İsmet İnönü and i really need to say that things need to change for Turkey lets start with the Ottoman focuses now all focuses are 70 days and if you are a skilled player you can take Greece with naval invasions and you will be able to take Bulgaria fast enough to prevent them from joining axis (they can accept your subjugation too) but there is two pointless focuses that i cant understand why did even paradox added them these focuses are (Rejoin the Central Powers) and (Press the Austro-Hungarian Claim) now when you do the Press the Austro-Hungarian Claim) focus you will gain claims on romanian and yugoslavian territory and you will also get Austria Czechslovakia and Hungary the ''Rekindle Imperial Sentiment'' spirit this will increase their non aligned percentage but whats the point? other than hungary all of these nations will be annexed by Germany before you get down to take this focus and i can understand the Rejoin the Central Powers focus if you are in a multiplayer game this can work but i dont think anyone will be able to take this focus if they arent playing on un-historical now lets get to the other focuses on the Ottoman branch of the focus tree (Expand the Saadabad) Pact this focus is bugged and it doesnt do anything other than creating a faction it doesnt invite Iraq Iran and Afghanistan and the (Pan-National Association of Ulemas) focus is bugged to it doesnt make Iraq Iran and Afghanistan your puppet to get the 4th research slot Germany must be monarchist and Hungary needs to form Austria-Hungary like why? this is almost impossible you will be locked with 3 reseearch slot until the end of time and Re-form the Ottoman Empire decisions are mainly bugged for example you cant core Syria even if you control all the French states in Syria i havent checked if the other decisions work because i didnt play it that much but there is a thing that would make a really good diffrence and make the game more fun for the Ottoman Empire i have two suggestions the first one is to buy Jordan and Palestine from Britian you know it would be better for Britian to sell it to the Ottomans than to lose it to Italians or maybe you can start a border conflict to get Jordan and Palestine or even Jordan only at least the borders will look good
now lets get down to the fascist side of the dlc for Turkey
now i need to say that its awful like to be honest i wonder if you guys even cared about this side of the tree my strategy is to justify a war goal on bulgaria to prevent them from taking thrace and thessalonica because i dont know why but they just take it from you Bulgaria doesnt even ask for it it just goes automatically to the Bulgarians please fix this paradox these states were captured and annexed before the ww2 started if i captured it alone atleast Bulgaria should ask for it right? now lets talk about joining Axis oh lord why are these focuses are all 70 days!? you cant do anything like NOTHING! you can only take iraq and thats it and by the time you join the ww2 the date would be around 1941/1942 it please reduce the times of some focuses it really slows down turkey and when i said you can only take iraq i meant without joining ww2 like when you capitulate them you would be able to annex them and yes there is a focus to take Greece and its name is (Rebuke the Treaty of Lausanne) but it has no point italy will declare war on them and capitulate greece before you even select it now lets get to the (Misak-ı Milli focus) it doesnt do anything it has no point it doesnt give you any decisions to demand 1920 borders you just get an event thats it! like what? i cant even demand Syria from vichy france and i need to take deir-az-zur to form turan what do you expect paradox? do you want us to declare war on everybody? at least bring some decisions to demand 1920 borders now like i said before please reduce the times of some focuses for example (Approve the Funkplan Invite German Officers to Izmir Purchase Italian Tanks and The italo-turkish naval academy) these focuses must be reduced to 35 days to let Turkey do something and the military reform focuses its soo obvious that these focuses werent made with any kind of effort and its soo small but thats ok at least reduce these focuses to 35 days because the player wont take these focuses until he gets down to expanding and diplomatic focuses and when he completes those focuses it would be really late to take military focuses i would understand (Learnings from the Great War and Hava Okulu) focuses are 70 days they are the first focuses of the military branch
Im done i want to thank you my dear friend if you read all of this! and i need to say that yes i played the Etatism İsmet İnönü branch and joined the axis but its almost the same with the fascist route thats why i didnt write anything about it
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2020.10.19 18:16 SureAINicolas IMPORTANT UPDATE ON THE NOVEL: Problem With the The Pre-Orders

Current status: As of now, only hardcovers ordered via BookDepository seem to be affected. I'll keep a close eye on this. If it's just the BookDepository sales, I should be able to replace them in full.
Hi guys, Nicolas here. After a majestic fuck up with my printing company IngramSpark (never publish with these guys), it now seems that everybody who ordered their copy of Dreams of the Dying via BookDepository will get a review copy of either the hardcover or the paperback. This is a preliminary version that still looks nice and has a close-to-final text, but minus the final proofing and tweaking pass.
I’ve been on and off for the phone with Ingram for hours on end, and apparently, they can do nothing because they’ve already shipped the books. Of course, they won’t take them back, as they stated – in some hidden blog-post – that pre-order books print ten days prior to the pub date. My biggest fear is that this will happen for all orders too, and I’m 90% sure it already did, even though the people at Ingram weren’t able to say so. I’ve asked them to disable distribution at once, but even that might take a few days to process.
This is a huge mess. I’ve been scared to death something like this would happen and now it did. It feels like I’m punishing you guys for putting your faith in me by placing a pre-order, and that’s fucking heartbreaking.
Just to be clear, the copies you’ll be getting aren’t dummies. They are the ones the press received, and they look pretty and the appendix should be final, but they still have a couple of typos (despite an extensive copyedit and proofing pass), and some bits aren’t as good as they should be. I’ll try to at least hold back the Amazon pre-orders, but for the reasons stated above, I have my doubts that’s gonna work.
What does this mean? Frankly, I don’t know yet. I’m trying to figure this out. It certainly fucks up my launch plan big time (pardon my French), as it means there won’t be one “big day of sales” to climb the ranks. I don't care about that at this point, though—I mostly just don’t want you, my biggest supporters, to get anything except the final product. What I’d like to do is to send everyone who pre-ordered and is now getting a preview copy a free proper copy, but chances are I simply can’t afford that. I’m not making any money off the pre-ordered paperbacks because I underestimated the page count and now making -$1 for each pre-order sale. The best I can hope for is to break even.
Once I know how big the damage is, I’ll run some calculations and get back in touch with you—but I’ll do everything to make sure you get nothing but the final product. I really tried my best to avoid all the pitfalls, but IngramSpark is a fucking catastrophe. I should have paid heed to those 2.0 stars on Trustpilot.
For now, all I can say is that I’m so, so sorry. I had many ideas of how this launch would go, but botching it before it even happened wasn’t one of them.
Exhausted greetings from Germany, Nicolas
Edit: at the very least, people who received a review copy will get the free, finalized eBook on top. I'll see if I can sort out something else too.
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2020.10.19 18:03 MonsieurJoe 25M [Relationship] [Friendship] ([Group] too I guess?) Looking for specific people to chat with like-minded people and hopefully befriend them

Hello! I'm a 25 years old guy from France and I would like to meet people and have a nice chat with them.
This is a throwaway account I just made only for this kind of thing.
I would like to find people whom (?) I share interests with. I don't really know how to make it short (this message is already too long, I'm a master for this) so in short I like History and Art history, especially 18th and 19th century; I collect records, especially classic rock and French variety; I like story-driven video-games despite the fact that I'm playing Rocket League a lot right now; and I would like to find out more about "conservative" points of view, which is a required point for what I'm looking for. Also, if you want to train your French I may help gladly.
I put the Group tag because it says it's to find people from specific areas. Well I'm exactly looking for that. I am only looking for people coming from these area:
*France, especially near Paris
*Slavic countries
*The USA/Canada under some conditions that I'm sure you'll understand
I mean, for the USA and Canada, you get that the time zones are not the same at all. That's mainly because I go to sleep very late and sometimes would like someone to talk to at night.
I don't see the point of chatting for a while and then forget the other person, I'm mainly looking to know more about politics and culture from the countries I mentionned while also making good friends and have unique points of view. I'm looking for people around my age, so around 22-26 and preferably F. Also I'm not a fan of online dating but I mean why not? If I can find a like-minded person why not? Be aware though, I don't think of the possibility of a long-distance relationship, so I guess this tag mainly applies to F living near Paris. Obviously, M and F only looking for friendship are more than welcome.
Please come talk to me in DM. Chat tab is ok too. We can easily switch to Discord and maybe Insta if we chat a lot. I would be very happy to voice chat too sometimes, and even meet IRL, if things go well enough.
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2020.10.19 15:30 sbthrowawayac I slept with a SD 5 times on out first date and I loved it.

A first date story..
So I met this guy on SA, he was fairly young for an SD at 32 and had "Instagram worthy" photos on his account that wasn't verified at the time, so I thought two things, either he's scammer or he's a catfish.
Nevertheless I messaged him to see, we had an amazing conversation he got straight to the point of what we both were looking for and expecting. He tells me he's trans (not a problem for me) and he's been through all his surgeries. So we Facetime to verify and photos don't do him justice! So he set up a date for the following Friday evening.
So Friday evening came around, we met up at the restaurant only to find out they had cancelled our reservation to comply with Covid 19 restrictions. He tried to pay the guy at the front desk but he wasn't having any of it. So we walk out and I thought that was our date done and we'd have to schedule a new one. So we're walking out to the street, he looks at me and says " fuck this and lets go to in and out?" LITERALLY! By this point I'm starving so I agreed, so we walk up to his car, and it's a nice car. So nice I'm pretty sure if I sold my apartment I'm renting I still wouldn't be able to buy it.
We get in and drive to the nearest drive thru, I give my order, he gives his order, we get our food and park up. We eat and the conversation is flowing really good. I mean this guy was genuinely down to earth, he talks about him growing up in the working class back in England, how he moved and the American dream he achieved. I talk about some really sensitive topics for me and he listens even advising me what to do.
So we just stare at each other for a good 20 seconds, and then I kissed him. (never have I ever initiated something with a guy but here I go) He kissed me back, we were having a little makeout session in the car until we were honked at. So he starts up his car and looks over to me while pulling out and says " we can go back to mine and no I don't intend on sleeping with you.... But I won't be opposed to the idea of it" with a smile on his face you could see from a mile away. I think we both knew at this time what would happen if I went back to his. I agreed. (btw I told my friends I was going out with this guy sent them photos and his number just in case)
So we get back to his and it's a house on the hills with an amazing view and a pool. So he shows me his room, he has a large mirror hanging up so I drop my bag and I walk up to fix my hair and he walks up behind me places his hand on my lower back and just looks at me. So I won't get in every detail but we rip each our clothes off, we jump in to his bed and I pull down his boxers to find a penis that was huge but it did not feel right (to a cis mans penis), So he explained that he had a procedure called phalloplasty which essentially is a skin graft rolled up in to something that looks like a penis, in all fairness it was pretty realistic but I was wondering why I couldn't get him erect, turns out he need an external erectile devise which was a pump stored in one of his testicles. (completely new to this) So long story short we had sex and it was amazing, talked and then went for round two.
So it's about 2 in the morning now, he looks over to me and says "you can stay the night or I can drop you off". So I stayed the night, he showers before bed, he asked if I would join him and I agreed. Round 3 (don't judge me) I didn't feel uncomfortable taking my makeup off infront of him, we just had that vibe if you know what I mean. He even gave me a little container for my lashes. Lol.
So we sleep, following morning came I woke up first, I watched him until he woke up. He got up and offered to make breakfast, he made french toast and English tea. It was good. Went deep in to flirtatious conversation, and then Round 4, and then round 5.
This was a couple of months back and we have just turned exclusive and I've never been happier.
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2020.10.19 14:19 HagerEKU [US-KY] [H] The Great Wall of Pops [W] Paypal

I have a little of everything for sale here. Take your pick and shoot me any questions. Shipping is $5 for one pop and an additional $2 for each pop after. More pics can be provided. Soft protectors can be added for $1

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2020.10.19 11:27 LTSBRKS how to conceptualize classes ?

Hi guys.
I have troubles designing my classes and methods. Say I have a very simple use case : employees working in a store sell products to customers.
I would say I need the following classes :
Am I correct so far ? Not sure about the relations.
Where do I implement the selling method ? Is the employee responsible for this, so employee.sell(products, customer) ? Is the sale kinda "self creating", so it would rather be sale.create(employee, customer, products) ?
This is all a little confusing to me, and I feel like the "natural way of thinking" is not necessarily the good one.

Thanks and sorry for my poor french-guy-english !
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2020.10.19 05:36 Ok_Interest_7204 What is your opinion about women kissing with tongue?

I had a guy tell me once that I like to kiss using my tongue too often. I was really taken aback by this because I enjoy “French” kissing so much I guess it never really crossed my mind other people didn’t. I am very careful not to insert my own tongue in someone’s mouth and I don’t do it all the time either, only when I’m horny. If you go on your first 3/4 dates with someone after your first kiss... wouldn’t you enjoy/assume that the whole sexual kissing is normal to happen often?
I have also had guys who open their mouths and don’t meet my tongue in the middle and I end up being very confused, and disliking the kiss.
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2020.10.18 10:01 Achillea707 Completely confused and anxious

I (38F) met this guy (41M) about a year ago. We had met twice before he took me out, had a great time but way too much to drink, slept together (something I have never done that quickly) and then started dating (?). After about 4 months I said I thought we should just be friends.
While dating, he told his family about me right away, introduced me to his friends, made sure our first dance was to a song about getting married, and announced one day that I was his girlfriend, and consistently had a great time together.. At least when we were actually together. He spent most nights out partying, never making plans in advance, maybe I saw him once a week (we live 2 miles from each other and he was living with his parents), often the days I saw him were when he was hungover, he expertly avoided talking about the relationship, and fairly often seemed annoyed with me (ex. when I declined to have a white claw at 10am while we were snowboarding and was told to ”live a little”). There was at least one occasion where we were out together, I left the bar at 11 and he said he was right behind me and by 2:30 was still not at my house.
When I said we should just be friends, apropos of nothing, he agreed without question or discussion. I started dating someone else who could actually show up and make plans. As “friends” while dating the other guy, original guy did the following: taught me how to play pickle ball, invited me to go on a long bike ride through wine country to a beautiful hilltop resort for brunch, an intimate birthday dinner where all the other guests were couples, to have dinner at his parents’ house 2x, brought wine and his mother’s pickles over when joining me for dinner, invited me to join him for is roommate’s birthday dinner with just family.
Eventually I broke up with the other guy for unrelated reasons and told this guy that if we were going to be friends I needed to get some things out on the table. I still had feelings for him and that was fairly obvious. I didn’t need anything to change between us, except for there to be more transparency. I am totally honest with all my other friends and it was getting weirder and weirder to be not honest in this way. He thanked me for telling him, said that he wasn’t seeing anyone but hadn’t been feeling sexual for most of the year. He then said he was glad that he hadn’t come on to me so I didn’t end up cheating on or lying to the other guy (neither of these scenarios had ever entered my mind). We left it at that and I felt much better for having cleared the air.
Two weeks later, he wants to come over. I have been out with friends that day, another friend is at my house and there has been a fair amount of drinking. He comes over, hangs out, drinks, my friend eventually leaves, and he wants to spend the night. I am on the express train to sleepytown when he crawls into my bed and starts telling me about what little control he has over his sexuality, when he will be turned on or not, has no idea when he can get an erection... idk what else because I was too sleepy and that was about all I could remember the next day, that and that he french kissed me either before or after telling me all this.
I try to follow up, letting him know I didn’t really understand what that was about and couldn’t remember most of it. I don’t see him for a month. It’s now be 7 months since we stopped seeing each other, 3 since I became single. He was over at my house a week ago and said things like:
”Don’t drink too much... I want you to associate hanging out with me with feeling good and getting up and doing your yoga”
”I wish I still had that cabinet, and that really comfortable mattress. The mattress at my place ins’t that comfortable so I don’t feel good about anyone to stay over”
”I can’t take your spare bike because I feel uncomfortable about money and that is my thing. Also, I am a man and you are a woman so I should be paying for things”
Last time I saw him, he made a special effort to walk me out, down the two flights of stairs, out to my car and then give me a kiss goodnight.
A few recent texts:
”I love sharing my time with you”
“You’re never not an amazing addition to any scenario or occasion. I love you, Andy loves you and you’re always welcome to be a part of anything we are doing”
He also likes or comments on any social media I post.
I adore him but am fine with being friends if that is his boundary, but if that is the case, why does he say all this crap to me? It ends up making me feel so confused and anxious. Because I am trying to respect his boundary, I mostly ignore the things he says but I have no idea why he says them if he doesn’t like me and if he does like me, why do I not hear from him for weeks at a time?
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